🎮Tiger Wars

Our AI Powered Fight-To-Earn NFT game, promises to give much competitive gameplay to users. The "Player VS AI mode is very addictive and stretches your intellectual skills to the max limit. BUSD is the currency of in-gameplay reward, as we do not wish to give out free tokens game players who could in-turn sell those token to negatively affect the chart.

There are different mode of play:

  1. Open Contest Mode

  2. Best The Time Mode

  3. Player VS AI Mode

Each mode is designed to give good BUSD reward to players.

*To be able to access the game DApp, you will first need to purchase the required amount of $NGA Token that should be held in your connected wallet, with which you are playing the game with. This is to make sure that each of our products has positive effect on the price growth of the $NGA Token.

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