🤖AI Chat Bots

Telegram & Discord Chat Bots

Introducing our new AI-powered Telegram Bot, powered by OpenAI! With this bot, you can easily access advanced language processing capabilities. Users will be able to get articulated responses. The bot can added to groups and given admin rights to reply to questions provided by the group members, it requires no setting to trigger response to certain keywords, making the human admins more at ease.

Meet "NGATiger Chatbot", your new best friend on Discord! This bot is powered by the mighty OpenAI language model and Stable Diffusion's powerful impage creation model! This Bot can easily switch from being a chat bot, to being an image generator bot. A user simply has to use the right "/" command. example: "/chat" command - gets the bot into chat mode, and "/promp" command - gets the bot into image generator mode. This bot will generate much income for art creators and NFT developers.

*To gain unlimited access to full Bot features, you will first need to purchase the required amount of $NGA Token that should be held in your connected wallet, with which you are playing the game with. This is to make sure that each of our products has positive effect on the price growth of the $NGA Token.

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