🖼️NGATiger NFT

Collection of 300 NFTs

Our NFTS are AI generated high quality images that will make up a collection of 300 NFT Designs. These designs are based on the "Tiger Wars" characters, and will also be selective avatars when game is launched.

Holders will be making massive gains if they mint and hold the NFT early enough, they will be required to connect a wallet with sufficient amount of BNB and the required amount of the $NGA Token, to be able to successfully mint an NFT image.

Minted NFT can be resold or just held by owner as it gets more value over time.

*To be able to successfully mint an NFT, you will first need to purchase the required amount of $NGA Token that should be held in your connected wallet, with which you are playing the game with. This is to make sure that each of our products has positive effect on the price growth of the $NGA Token.

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