Understanding the project.
NGATiger is a project built on the Binance Smart Chain Network. It is aimed to offer solutions to real existing problems through AI powered utility products that are being developed already.
The importance of Utility products can not be overstated, as they are the means of driving the adoption of the native token and also the means to keep the community growing.
The Token ($NGA) is stealth launched on pancakeswap, this was done to give fair entry opportunity to everyone who maybe interested in investing in this project. Stealth launch is considered a better option compared to the presale or fairlaunch on a launchpad. As most times, the buying pressure dies right after a presale or fair launched token is launched on pancakeswap. this causes doom the to such projects that had presale or fairlaunch on a launchpad.
Our choice of straight stealth launch on pancakeswap will give maximum gains to the early buyers of the $NGA Token.
Security of the investors is assured, the Liquidity is locked for 1 year and ownership of the contract will be renounced; this will make it absolutely impossible for the dev team to increase or have any admin access in the contract.
Last modified 6mo ago